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Salon Artist


Christopher Kezik Master Artist

Christopher is a Master Hairdresser with an impressive resume and has worked in the top salons in the Boston area. 

Christopher’s styling has appeared in many editorial magazines.

With commitment to excellence. 

His attention to detail with his cuts & color are on point.

Christopher is also a national educator for AQUAGE for 9 years.

His work is sure to please all who seek high end professional service.

Featured Artist

Ryan Borella


Artist Ryan has dabbled in many artfoms from sketching, to digital arts and more. These past two years have found him venturing into the world of painting. The pop art depictions you see are equal parts spray paint, painters tape and a desire to try something new. Many of the paintings are textured to draw the eye though the piece, not just over. Ryan owns and operates the ClockworkOctopus studio which hopes to include many artists of many walks in the near future. He is available for comission.

Clockwork Octopus